Article 79 – ‘No turning back’ Part III

Hi, welcome to Taiga Bonzai, here is more information from our news sources starting with an update on the Siemens turbine problem, which is causing a rift between Germany, Canada and Ukraine.

Update – in the previous article we said that gas to Germany going through ‘Nord stream 1’ has been reduced by 40%, this is because turbine maintenance has to be carried out, as it is each year. But the idiotic ‘muppet’ Trudeau refused to return the turbine/s back to Germany citing a breach in sanctions, thus Germany’s ‘green’ minister the moron Harbeck is panicking because the pipeline will have to be shut down for approximately 2 weeks for repair if and when the turbine/s is/are returned, hence no gas.

According to Reuters news (10th July) “Canada will return a repaired turbine to Germany, its minister of natural resources said.” This U-turn has enraged the Zelensky regime, because the German government is violating sanctions against Moscow to restore the supply of Russian gas through the ‘Nord Stream 1’ pipelines. Germany needs gas for it’s well being, hence it will do whatever is necessary to get it and not sacrifice it’s industrial prowess or the people’s welfare to pander to the whims of a corrupt Ukrainian clown or the EU’s dictat if it wants to survive. As of 21st July the turbine was returned to Russia, but documents verifying the repair procedure is missing, hence gas will only flow at 40% for safety reasons.

Introduction – 11th of July, Ukraine Business News (UBN) stated that “for more than a month Germany has been blocking the provision of a €9B aid package, which should be the primary form of EU support for Ukraine,” reported Corriere Della Sera. Germany is the biggest guarantor of this aid package; however, “finance minister Christian Lindner does not like the fact that Brussels is again resorting to pan-European debt in the Ukrainian crisis after utilising it during the pandemic.” Scholtz is Germany’s chancellor, he needs to step up to the plate not and ‘flip flop’ around like a cretin, failure to do so will mean his downfall.

A mountain of aid from the west – according to “Ukraine has received from January 24 to July 1, 2022 the following: the US provided nearly 43 billion euros in bilateral financial, humanitarian and military aid. The second-highest value of commitments was recorded from the European Union (EU) institutions, such as the Commission and the EU Council at approximately 15.7 billion euros.” (Link below) The UK has given £1.3bn in military support with a further 1bn promised, ironic is not that the UK government can give this kind of aid to a corrupt country rather than care for the homeless and needy.

What has Ukraine done with it all? We know the fate of the weaponry because the US has admitted that they have no idea where it is because it cannot be traced, a large proportion of it ends up on the black market and is purchased by radical separatist movements. The remainder either destroyed, or left on the battleground for the Russian forces to find and use, due to the fact that the Ukrainian military do not know how to operate it. Yet Zelensky sends his wife to the white house to beg for more.

As to the question of money this, disappeared as soon as it arrived, where it went, your guess is as good as ours, but somebody is getting rich. Now Zelensky is demanding more finance up from $5bn to $9bn a month. But, it is unlikely this demand will be accommodated due to the economic crisis in Europe, individual countries need their resources to combat the problems they are now facing and will not follow the EU’s mandate because of the potential backlash from their citizens.

The Africa problem – for hundreds of years Europe and the US have treated the African continent as a bordello raping its mineral wealth causing hardship and subservience to the peoples, whom are considered a third race. We do not need to expand on the atrocities committed by the west through the years, history is awash with despicable acts and the people have long memories, ‘tembo hasahau kamwe’ Swahili for the ‘elephant never forgets’. Yet Europe is demanding that African nations supply them with the resources they need, will they (Africa) comply, that is their decision. What is of more concern is the famine spreading throughout the continent.

According to James Peron of the Foundation for Economic Education “Hundreds of billions of dollars have been given to African governments. More billions were lent to these same governments. Countless tons of food have inundated the continent and swarms of consultants, experts and administrators have descended to solve Africa’s problems. Yet the state of development in Africa is no better today than it was when all this started. Per capita income, for most of Africa is either stagnant or declining.” (link below) The question here is who is to blame for the failing growth and development of African countries is it the African leaders or the collective west or both?

More aid was supposed to be sent in 2022 but this has been diverted to Ukraine, Africa has now severe drought and very little crops to harvest, countries including Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are facing famine. Journalist Eyder Peralta of states that “More than 23 million people are experiencing extreme hunger according to a new report by Oxfam and Save the Children, that is up from over 10 million last year to 17 million in 2022.” He also added that “The region’s worst drought in 40 years is being exacerbated by conflict, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine has sent food prices soaring to record levels.” (Link below)

Let us analyse what Peralta is saying here, that Africa is suffering from severe drought which is true, he is also saying that the pandemic (covid 19) has a lot to do with the problem and this is also true. Russia had found a vaccine ‘Sputinik V’ but the world powers told nations not to accept it, ask yourself the question why. In addition, the reason why grain cannot be shipped from Black sea ports is due to the embargo placed on Russia and the fact that Ukraine has mined the waters in and around Odessa, hence a halt in transportation. Russia has cleared mines to the east but it is a time consuming process. This aside the collective west and those idiots who constantly bleat about the African problem do not really care.

The Ukrainian agriculture minister Mykola Solskyi stated that “the grain in Odessa (30 to 40 million tons approximately 1% of world production that has no impact on food security) will have to be exported from the country and that Baltic ports could offer logistic opportunities for exports.” Due to Russia’s occupation of ‘Snake Island’ however, Russia has recently vacated the Island (which is basically a rock less than a kilometer in size with no strategic military value) as a ‘goodwill’ gesture allowing Ukraine to send grain from the Black sea port of Odessa. But Ukraine cannot accomplish this until it removes the mines it laid. According to journalist and author Thomas Roper, “Ukraine will not send grain until they get the weapons they want from the west.” Who then is aggravating the grain shortage problem – it is not Russia.

Freedom for the ‘Dark Continent’ – as we have previously stated for hundreds of years Europe and the US have treated the African continent as a bordello, raping its mineral wealth and it still continues to do so by installing puppet regimes with false promises. The African continent will never be free until the collective west is pushed out completely, but this puts African nations in jeopardy, they are demanding that their previous colonial masters give them the support they need to rebuild. But the collective west is saying we cannot help because we need what resources we have to support ourselves; yet they can send financial and military assistance to Ukraine to the tune of billions; which is hypocrisy at the highest level.

The South African unrest – also known as the Zuma riots, (Zuma was imprisoned for contempt of court) It was a wave of civil unrest that occurred in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng provinces from 9th to 18th of July 2021. The unrest triggered wider rioting and looting, much of it said to be undertaken by people not in support of Zuma but fuelled by job layoffs and economic inequality worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic policies. The riots were violent and ‘bloody’ with 354 losing their lives, people had no work hence no money to buy food to survive. Other African nations are experiencing the same economic inequality, some are lucky if they can get one meal a day, for many death by malnutrition is inevitable.

The Sri Lanka problem – for over 4 months thousands of people have been protesting at the government’s handling of the economy, high inflation, lack of food and fuel for mobility. Factors responsible for the problem include, (a) the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) austerity measures imposed on the 16 loans Sri Lanka received. (b) The restrictions imposed during the covid pandemic meaning no income from tourism. (c) The government has mismanaged its finances and has no means of paying other countries that supply the resources needed. The riots have forced the president Gotabaya Rajapaksa and his wife to flee to Singapore for fear of reprisal, (as per usual it is the rats who are first to flee a sinking ship) the prime minister and now president Ranil Wickremesinghe is attempting to calm the situation, but the people have had enough they want him and his entourage gone.

The Dutch problem – according to POLITICO ‘s news report on 10th July 2022 “Dutch police fired shots on Dutch farmers protesting environment rules”. Journalist Camille Gijs takes up the story. “Dutch police fired shots at tractor-riding farmers who were protesting against plans to cut nitrogen emissions on Tuesday evening in northern Netherlands.” She added that “Police said they were responding to a ‘threatening situation’ when the farmers, who were attempting to push past a blockade to get onto a highway in the province of Friesland, started to drive their tractors into officers and their vehicles”.

According to the Friesland police, their shots hit a tractor, but no one was injured and three suspects were arrested. The Rijksrecherche, the Dutch government’s internal investigator, said it would look into the events given police had discharged their weapons. A spokesperson for the Friesland police did not respond to inquiries, but said a statement would be released later on Wednesday 13th of July. Dutch farmers have this week been protesting government plans that could require farmers to use less fertilizer and reduce their livestock numbers, which could force some farms to shut.

Camille Gijs stated that “the Dutch government wants to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia, which are produced by livestock, by 2030. Cuts could reach 70 percent in some areas, under the plans”. In response, Dutch farmers have blocked supermarkets, distributions centres and roads in protests this week. Wednesday morning, (13th of July) they are expected to demonstrate at the Groningen Airport, according to Dutch media. MP Caroline van der Plas called for an ’emergency debate’ with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the minister of justice and security, Dilan Yeşilgöz-Zegerius, about the escalating protests. on Sunday 10th of July 2022 posted this headline,“Farmers protests on nitrogen continue with a blockade at Woerden.” Journalist Senay Boztas sends this report. “Farmers have once more blockaded a Jumbo food distribution centre in Woerden, rolling in with around 30 tractors at 3am, a sofa, and coffee table reports the AD. The protest is the latest in a week of action that some farmers threatened would bring the country ‘to a standstill’ and which food retailers’ group CBL has warned will cost supermarkets tens of millions of euros.”

Scores of farmers have been arrested, and an investigation is ongoing into why police shot at 16-year-old farmer’s son Jouke Hospes from Akkrum at a protest in Heerenveen on Tuesday. He was arrested after a policeman suggested he was driving his tractor towards police threateningly, however a case against him was dropped. His family has said he has considered making a formal protest against police.

According to Natura 2000, the farmers are protesting at government aims to reduce nitrogen compound emissions by 50% by 2030, and by 75% in protected nature reserves known as Natura 2000 areas. The latest demonstrations were sparked by a government announcement suggesting some farm closures were inevitable this year and a detailed map suggesting which areas needed reductions from 12% to 95%.

Nature minister Christianne van der Wal has given provinces a year to come up with detailed plans aiming at halving emissions of ammonia and nitrogen oxide by 2030. The government has proposed Johan Remkes as a mediator, but farming organisation LTO has refused to negotiate with the veteran politician. Remkes chaired a commission that said some farmers would have to quit to meet government targets, if necessary through compulsory buyouts.

Why is too much nitrogen a problem? Court Farming, particularly dairy production, is a major producer of ammonia and nitrous oxide, due to manure and artificial fertilisers used on the land. A Council of State ruling in 2019 ruled that the Netherlands was breaching European nature conservation rules and could not use a special construction to ‘offset’ emissions in the future. The Netherlands is also expected to lose an extra EU allowance for manure. Further cuts are expected to be announced for industries such as aviation, transport, house and road building, which also produce nitrogen oxides (NOx) and nitrous oxide (N20). Too much nitrogen in the environment is considered a threat to biodiversity. So up goes the cost of living for all.

The great reset – protests throughout history have been decisive in changing unjust laws, holding governments to account, they have attracted thousands of people on to the streets that have become turning points in world history. Although many major protests do not always achieve their aims, they leave a mark on society, often inspiring other demonstrations around the globe. The ‘Arab Spring’ of December 18th 2010 a series of anti-government protests, uprisings and armed rebellions that spread across much of the Arab world. It was a response to corruption and economic stagnation that first started in Tunisia. 

France the ‘Mouvement des gilets jaunes’ (Yellow vest movement) weekly protests in France that began on 17th of November 2018. At first the protestors advocated economic justice, later they called for institutional political reforms after an online petition posted in May 2018 had attracted nearly 1 million signatures, mass demonstrations began on 17th of November. The movement was initially motivated by rising crude oil and fuel prices, a high cost of living and economic inequality; it claims that a disproportionate burden of taxation in France was falling on the working and middle classes, especially in rural and peri-urban areas.

Peoples of the world have had enough of totalitarianism, they are now preparing to reset the balance as Wat Tyler attempted in 1381 and those accountable will suffer the consequences. Dissent is increasing we have witnessed it many times, people across the world are now demonstrating livid with their so-called leaders. They want their rights – freedom of choice, free speech, the right to demonstrate without getting shot and tear gassed, employment, housing, food and medicine; not oppression. If you think the French revolution 1789 -1799 (caused by social Inequality) was horrific, it will be considered a mere altercation compared to what is on the horizon. What is done is done there is no turning back’ to a world we once knew.

Liberty Leading the People (1830) by Eugène Delacroix

Our final thoughts – are what is the reason for this current world situation? We have mentioned the various contributing factors throughout our articles on the problem, but to summarise the four basic points are:

1. The west’s incessant dominant imperialistic hegemonic grip on the rest of the world, they cannot accept or will not accept the fact that other nations sovereign in their own right have the freedom of choice to make their own decisions; be they good bad or indifferent according to the Charter of the United Nations.

If one reads Roman history (27 BC – 476 AD) it’s empire was one of the greatest and most influential civilisations in the world lasting for over a 1000 years. Until Germanic leader Odoacer staged a revolt and deposed the emperor Romulus Augustulus, hence no emperor would ever again rule from a post in Italy; a country now impoverished. It can be argued that if we make a comparison between the mindset of some of the leaders of that time to those of today, there are many similarities is this not a warning sign of recurrence?

2. The collective west has slammed the door on Russia banning Athletes, culture, literature, media, education, language etc and placing sanctions in an effort to weaken and destabilise the Russian ruble and the county as a whole. This mindset has not worked and the west knows it, Russia knew that something of this nature was being planned years ago and took the necessary course of action to counter the negative. In addition, the west’s ideology of breaking Russia into smaller countries that can be dominated will never happen, they remain resolute and will not waver; the collective west’s ideology is futile paranoia.

3. Europe is a midden of mindless liars all brain dead with no credibility unable to lead, they are mere baying rabid lap dogs doing the US’s bidding, creating a proxy war which they cannot win. Wake up Europe and change direction – ‘get a grip’, winter is coming and it is going to be one ‘Hell of a winter of discontent’ and if the people are subjected to hardship and misery, the powers that be will be held accountable. Moreover, do not look to the US for aid because you will not get it, they are only concerned with their own well being.

4. The media networks supposedly once credible are purveyors of spin and misinformation their journalists do not portray the true facts for example, US media avoids informing it’s people about what is actually going on in the world, hence the people remain ignorant and isolated. The media and white house continues to fabricate fake news, we have heard this from the ‘muppets’ Blinken, Pelosi, Clinton and also the French cretin Michel. The news paper ‘US Today’ (late June) dismissed reporter Gabriela Miranda for concocting 23 stories all of which were a complete fabrication of lies. According to Steve Gill American radio host and political commentator “Fake news is a major problem in the US, it is a culture not just one rogue reporter.”

The collective west’s media is just peddling complete nonsense, they perpetually say that “according to anonymous sources” – what anonymous sources, who are they, why do you not name them? If the truth be known they do not exist, what you broadcast is just a fabrication of lies. On this site we name our sources and credit them for their work and there are learned people who speak out. US Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter, pentagon security analyst Michael Maloof, academic and author John Laughland, journalists Luc Rivet, Janus Putkonen and Rachel Marsden. Alexander Mercouris, Alex Christoforou of the Duran, Jacob Dreizin, Dr George Szamuely of the ‘Gaggle’ and many others are waiting to be heard.

If what has been discussed here is enough doom and gloom, there is more to come, covid 19 still remains and there are concerns that a new wave will appear and according to some analysts the infection rate of late June 2022 was 1 in 30 it is now July and the number has changed to 1 in 22. We need to be vigilant and cautious.

Irreversible split – before we end this discussion a final point to consider on the following consensus, a number of analysts have stated, that when this present crisis in Ukraine is eventually resolved the world will be split into two parts. They have said that a large number of countries around the world, in Africa, the middle east, India, Russia, China, Mexico, Latin America and others will be in one block leaving the US, Canada and Europe isolated in another. It is already happening, the Brics nations are stronger now and more countries are wanting to join the coalition, Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia because they see that this will free them from the west’s totalitarian mindset, hence no longer will they be subservient.

If this perception comes to fruition then the US, Canada and Europe will be in dire trouble due to the unavailability of resources they need for manufacture and well being. However, trade may still be possible if sanctions are removed, but on the terms of the exporting countries and payments in whatever currency will be required up front prior to shipment, because the collective west cannot be trusted to keep its word; failure to comply with the terms will mean no trade. The result of this action will leave the first block (Brics and co) in amicable relations, cooperation and development, the other block (US etc) failed economies the result of their own ludicrous hegemonic mindset. Our question is do you want to live in a world of peace and cooperation or one of perpetual animosity, we leave you to ponder on this concept.

We wrote these articles partly because of the collective west’s stupidity which is effecting not just us, but millions around the globe and partly because of Finland’s reckless decision to apply for NATO membership without a referendum. More people need to speak out and make their governments accountable for their actions and refuse to accept the subjugation being implemented – enough is enough. A fourth article on the present situation is in preparation should there be no improvement, in the meantime we will resume our normal discussions on bonsai horticulture. Thank you for your support, until next time, BW, Nik.