Article 78 – ‘No turning back’ Part II

Hi, welcome to Taiga Bonzai, our articles ‘no turning back’ started in February when the conflict in Ukraine began. News comes in at blistering speed therefore, amendments have to be made on a daily basis. Before we begin with the ‘Introduction’ here are three updates, 1. the Finland/NATO situation 2. the EU’s ‘U-turn’ regarding their ‘new green energy’ policy and 3. the bungling buffoon Johnson UK prime minister. The African food problem will be dealt with in the next article ‘No turning back’ part III.

Update 1. – on Tuesday 5th of July 2022, Lappeenranta a city and municipality in the region of South Karelia, approximately 30 kilometres from the Russian border, said that it would ‘welcome a NATO base’, a statement made public by the city’s mayor Kimmo Jarva. However, Russia has already warned Finland against having NATO bases on it’s soil and if it (Finland) does not heed the warning then there will be severe consequences. What is Jarva playing at, does he not realise the stupidity of his statement.

If you provoke your neighbour by crossing the line, then you are going to find yourself in serious trouble. NATO has stated that it will not have a military confrontation with Russia because it knows full well that it cannot succeed. Furthermore, other EU countries will be reluctant to join any altercation because of (a) treaties signed after WWII to which they are bound, (b) their military is weak and even if combined could not withstand the Russian might. (c) The EU’s present economic situation, high inflation and lack of resources would bankrupt many of these EU countries. Moreover, the US will not get involved as they have not the military might or financial capital to wage war on Russia as they have repeatedly stated.

Finland is not yet a NATO member general elections will be held in 2023 and much can happen from now until then. Finland has to think long and hard about it’s policies and the possible consequences of its actions, it has been involved in many conflicts during its history. The people want peace, stability and security, why antagonise Russia, cretins like Jarva need to ensure that brain is engaged before operating mouth.

Update 2. – as of Wednesday 6th of July the EU has made a ‘U-turn’ regarding their ‘new green energy’ policy just by the stroke of a pen. Their ‘new green’ agenda has been reversed, what was to be phased out by the end of the this year (oil, gas and other fossil fuels) will stay. So-called ‘new energy’ consisting of gas be it LNG or shale and nuclear, (which are not new energys) will be added to the list of ‘green energy’.

This decision by the EU has made a laughing stock out of the morons like von der Leyen, Harbeck, Sholtz, Bearbock, Rutte, Kallas and many others whom have pushed for the ‘new green’ agenda. Why this sudden change of heart occurred is probably because the cretins are realising that winter is not far off and if steps are not taken to ensure basic resources including heating, food and diesel/petrol are available, riotous behaviour could ensue. We will discover more idiosyncratic behaviour as proceed with this discussion.

Update 3. – as of today 7th of July the habitual liar Johnson has been forced to resigned as leader of the conservative party due to a large amount of ministers who have tended their resignations, because they see their country in ‘free fall’ from the disastrous policies implemented. Johnson must be replaced by a new leader as soon as possible otherwise there will be a vote of no confidence in the government, which will trigger new elections. The conservative party are ruthless when it comes to idiots, but they always seem to find them and install them as leaders; they rise quickly and fall just as fast – how bizarre. It also seems that Johnson’s (the bungling buffoon) career as a politician may be short lived due to his blatant incompetence.

The bungling buffoon resigns credit-The National

Introduction – it is claimed that NATO has only once used a military force against another country, a statement that is completely false. It has attacked the Army of the Republika Srpska in Bosnia in 1995, Yugoslavia in 1999, Afghanistan and Iraq in 2003, Libya in 2011, Syria in 2018 and the Sahil in 2021, which is now (July 2022) causing great unrest in Nigeria. Every aspect of NATO’s meddling in world affairs causes complete chaos, it claims to be a defence force, but this is also false, it is now looking to the Pacific region for more controversy. Stoltenberg a moronic neocon and puppet of the US is inciting more aggressive rhetoric every time he opens his mouth, he needs to be restrained or better still removed from office.

Ukrainian conflict – to understand the Ukraine/Russian problem we have go back to 2014 to the Revolution of Dignity, also known as the Maidan Revolution, that took place in Ukraine in February 2014 which culminated in deadly clashes between protesters and security forces in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. The result was the ousting of elected president Viktor Yanukovych partly because he refused to join the EU and partly because he was friendly with Russia. The coup was openly supported by US and European imperialism and implemented primarily by far-right shock troops such as the Right Sector and the neo-Nazi Svoboda Party.

According to the World Socialist Web Site ( “It represented the temporary culmination of long-standing efforts by US imperialism to install a puppet regime on the borders of Russia.” Bringing the world closer to a war between the two largest nuclear powers, US and Russia with Ukraine being systematically built up as a launching pad for a NATO war against Russia. “The regime change prompted the outbreak of an ongoing civil war in the east of Ukraine, between Russian-backed separatists and the US-backed Ukrainian army.” A war of eight years claiming the lives of tens of thousands and displacing millions.

“In the US, the coup was a catalyser for an ever more aggressive campaign against Russia and a significant shift to the right among layers of the upper middle class.” “US imperialism, NATO and EU have funded the Ukrainian state and far-right forces with billions of dollars.” Even the German ruling class seized upon the coup as a pretext for aggressively stepping up its campaign to remilitarise and justify the crimes of fascist forces. “For the first time since the end of World War II, representatives of a German government were seen on photos with avowed Ukrainian neo-Nazis.”

Enter the despot – on June 7th 2014 corrupt businessman Petro Poroshenko was elected president of Ukraine and during his time in office he made several negative public speeches decrying the Russian speaking residents in the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine for example, “We will have work and housing – they will not – our children will go to schools – theirs will not.” Poroshenko’s visual speeches are on public record, does this rhetoric not speak of the same ideology that nazi Germany mandated in the second world war with jewish communities – in other words ethnic cleansing? – Poroshenko the despot responsible for the conflict in the Donbass region, was defeated in the election of May 20th 2019 by Volodimir Zelensky.

Send in the clown – Zelensky, a two bit comedian/actor gave assurances that he would resolve the problems in eastern Ukraine by peaceful means, instead he has made the situation worse, this corrupt puppet follows the collective west’s dictats. The Zelensky administration are complete liars, we know this from his own government sources who removed Lyudmila Denisova (commissioner for human rights) from office, because of the rhetoric she spread to the collective west regarding war crimes by the Russian military on Ukrainian civilians. The president of the European Council Charles Michel, H. Clinton, N. Pelosi and the idiot Blinken gave public televised statements about these supposed crimes all of which were debunked, can these brain dead cretins whom are but a laughing stock be taken seriously or trusted again?

More false rhetoric – Ukraine had given assurances to the UN that they had no prohibited weapons under the Ottawa Convention or Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty of 1997, which is a complete lie. According to journalist and war correspondent Murad Gazdiev on the 9th of July 2022 in Lysychansk “hundreds of ‘leaf mines’ (that are banned under the treaty) were discovered after the Ukrainian forces fled the area”. What comes out of the mouths of the Zelensky regime has to be treated with the contempt it deserves moreover, it is proof that they are guilty of war crimes and of breaking treaties signed under international law.

There are also reports that claim Zelensky has wealth to the tune of 800 million and that he has property in the US and in the UK, it is also claimed that the bungling buffoon Johnson (ex UK prime minister) gave him (Zelensky) a British passport. Unfortunately, these reports cannot be verified hence we take them at face value however, if there is some foundation of criminal activity it will be revealed.

Arguably one the many despicable acts committed by the Zelensky regime is the deportation of Ukrainians living in Poland, all men 18 to 60 must be returned to Ukraine for military service and women are now being drafted. This act in itself is one of desperation, but last weekend (beginning of July 2022) saw Zelensky officials going to places of worship to distribute conscription notification on members of the congregation. This angered not only the people, but church officials who stated that this is a house of prayer and not a recruitment centre. It seems that the Zelensky regime will sink to any level in order to get it’s way. For Zelensky time is ebbing away, it is unlikely that he will be in power for much longer as Ukraine’s demise is imminent and the whole world now realises this fact.

The structure of the collective west – is founded on imperialist dictat, the US being the dictator, the UE a subservient rabid lap dog and individual countries being obedient serfs whom are reprimanded if they rebel. Yet these slobbering lap dogs (EU) have no accountability for their mindless activities for example, putting sanctions on Belarus and Russia mandated by the US all of which have boomeranged back with a vengeance. This is partly due to the US’s failing attempt to maintain a unipolar world, a futile ideology, the world is multipolar nations choose their own direction, but the Biden administration cannot accept this reality. They are but spoilt brats throwing tantrums because they cannot get their own way.

The state of Europe – is in deep trouble due to failing economies soaring inflation and high prices for example, the Estonian government’s inflation is now at 22% and on the verge of collapse. The UK’s inflation is approximately 10% and according to the British Chambers of Commerce UK economic growth will “grind to a halt this year before briefly falling into negative territory.” This bleak outlook follows a warning from one of the world’s leading economic authorities that “Britain’s growth next year will be worse than any G20 country.” The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) state that.“There will be no GDP expansion at all in 2023 the UK is threatened by rising interest rates and taxes, as well as the high inflation that is leading surging petrol prices and energy costs.” (Link below)

If we sit and think about our world leaders and the decisions they have made, the effects are devastating. We have endured two years of restrictions due to covid 19 and have seen the death toll rise to 6,31 million, now we have to suffer high inflation, food shortages, lack of fuel for mobility and a choice between heating and eating. These problems are going to escalate when winter arrives in a few months time, yet the leaders fail to find solutions, the only credible EU leader thus far is Viktor Orbán who refuses to bend to EU policies, he is putting his country (Hungary) and it’s people first. Why can’t the rest of Europe follow this example? because Europe is subservient to US dominance.

The US and EU are saying that Russian gas and oil and other rare minerals will not be imported, but how are you going to compensate? Africa, South America, India, the middle East and others will not assist, they have long memories of how they were treated in the past, they now have the upper hand and look to China and Russia for assistance. As for the Russian oil, there will be no embargo as Biden and the EU cretins speak of, oil from Russia will still be transported, ships will traverse the waters with different names, insurers, owners and countries flags. The US and EU may say that we have bought this oil from wherever, but in reality it is still Russian oil albeit at much higher price, how stupid can these idiots be, the world needs oil to function.

The German government is in complete disarray Scholtz, Harbeck, Bearbock and von der Leyen are completely opposed to the use of fossil fuels, they advocate a new ‘green revolution’ where oil, gas and nuclear energy will not be permitted. (See update 2) Then how is Germany going to function in the manufacture of goods and the needs of its people? Scholtz and co state that more wind turbines will be needed with each turbine having a price tag of $2-4 million dollars. Operation and maintenance costs are between $42,000 and $48,000 per year according to research on wind turbine operational cost.

Harbeck and Bearbock claim that more land should made available for solar farms, solar developers pay an installation cost of $3 million per megawatt to build a solar farm, (excluding the cost of land) this amounts to about $500,000 per acre. As with most technologies, solar panels will naturally produce less energy over time, this reduced power output is called the degradation rate. The median solar panel degradation rate is about 0.5%, meaning that a solar panels energy production will decrease at a rate of 0.5% per year. China is the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer with 80% of the global market a factor that worries the west. 

But what happens when there is no wind to drive the turbines and no sun during winter time for solar, how are you going to survive? In Scandinavia for example, many people live in semi darkness for four months of the year where the winter sun barely touches the horizon. Hence the reason why nuclear energy in Finland is a must, with two stations in operation and plans for third. Finland’s nuclear reactors are among the world’s most productive, with an average capacity factor of 95%.

France is now saying that nuclear energy is clean and is considering plans to implement such structures. But France has nuclear power stations that are in a state of decay, these have to be dismantled before replacements are built, Macron is stating that “Électricité de France (EDF) will build them”, but EDF a state owned corporation has no funds it is practically bankrupt – where is the money for this project coming from?

Germany’s population is expected to reach 84.17 Million by the end of 2022, Scholtz, Harbeck and co have not given the energy problem much thought, they need to consult the right people, scientists and engineers before spinning rhetoric on technology they no little about or are qualified to do so. Moreover, Germany is restarting it’s coal fired power stations, (as is Italy and the Netherlands) because the amount of gas going through the pipeline has been reduced considerably. This is due to Siemens’ decision not to return turbines (that are in Canada for repair) back to Russia. Therefore, Scholtz and co’s ‘new green energy policy’ project will not now come to fruition and probably not in the near future due to restarting their coal power plants.

With it’s last black coal mines closed on December 21, 2018, Germany is resorting to the production of brown coal or Lignite as it is officially known. Lignite often mined in huge open-cast surface mines rather than underground, is the lowest grade coal with the least concentration of carbon, it has a low heating value and a high moisture content and is mainly used in electricity generation. Burning Lignite results in dust NOx and SO2 emissions, these combine to create a cocktail of air pollution, which is dangerous to health and exposure to it can increase the risk of lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and heart disease. When winter comes Scholtz, Harbeck, von der Leyen and Baerbock will have a lot to answer for.

Government failures – leaders are running around like headless chickens unable to solve soaring inflation and the problems they have created, governments are now failing for example. Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas is in danger of losing her position after the recent coalition collapse. B. Johnson is on his way out due to his disastrous policies and scandal of the partygate affair, (See update 3) Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and his cabinet stepped down after a report concluded that tax authorities unfairly targeted poor families over child care benefits. Now the Dutch people are demonstrating against policies that will reduce the agriculture sector by 30% due to new ‘green thinking’. More on this story in the next article.

Bulgarian prime minister Kiril Petkov’s government is likely to fall in a no-confidence vote that vowed to clean up the country’s endemic corruption, but has failed miserably. On the 19th of June French leader Macron lost his majority hence his policies will not be implemented; another useless cretin. Other countries neighboring the eurozone have endured financial crises since 2010, most notably Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain and more governments will fall like pins in a bowling alley.

According to the EU Commision “Real GDP growth in both the EU and the euro area is now expected at 2.7% in 2022 and 2.3% in 2023, down from 4.0% and 2.8% (2.7% in the euro area) respectively, in the Winter 2022 interim Forecast. The downgrade for 2022 must be read against the background of the growth momentum gathered by the economy in spring and summer last year, which adds around 2 percentage points to the annual growth rate for this year. Output growth within the year has been reduced from 2.1% to 0.8%.” (Link below)

The EU and its bourgeois elite whom were never elected by the people will find themselves in serious trouble because of their idiotic policies and the reverse effect of sanctions placed on Russia. Individual countries have lost confidence and may probably leave the EU and become sovereign nations again befriending and trading with whom they choose. The EU has outlived its purpose and should be disbanded.

Gone will be the cretins like von der Leyen the EU’s ‘high priestess’ a woman definitely passed her ‘sell by date’ who lives in a world of fantasy and who has had to backtrack on all that she states. The three ‘village idiots’ Michel, Borrell and Draghi whom are utter incompetent fools should removed from office, everyone has the right to be stupid once or twice in their life but the idiots mentioned here just abuse the privilege. There is an old saying ‘one should suffer fools gladly’ but we like many others do not suffer them at all.

More bellicose rhetoric – in the newspaper MAIL Online 20/06/2022 the headlines were ‘Prepare to fight and beat Russia in a third world war’, UK’s new top general and war monger Patrick Sanders warned soldiers “we must prepare the army to fight in Europe once again.” Is this moron really serious? What does a conflict between Russia and Ukraine have to do with the UK, is there an agreement of sorts which states that the UK will come to Ukraine’s aid; we have checked and there is no such agreement unless one has been drafted recently. This antagonistic behaviour reminds us of the monologue ‘Albert and the lion’ by Marriot Edgar (1880 – 1951) the moral of the tale is do not provoke. Link below.

The EU has told Lithuania to stop goods entering Kaliningrad and the Lithuanian government like the weak fools they are have obeyed. This action has annoyed the Russian Duma, but Russia has said it will transport the goods by sea and if the ships are attacked or hampered in any way; then it (Russia) will act accordingly. Not only will Lithuania pay heavily, the EU will also suffer dire consequences, it would be in both Lithuania and the EU’s interest to reverse this hostile course of action. However as of the 27th of June the EU reversed its policy and told Lithuania not to impose sanctions on Russia because it is illegal under international law, but Lithuania has decided otherwise; be it on your own head Lithuania.

The articles we write are discussions varying in length depending on the theme involved, long articles are divided into parts and normally any problems are alleviated as the narrative is controlled. With ‘live’ information events change rapidly and we have to be prepared for this, hence we use our journalistic knowledge to explain the ‘what, why and when’. This article has been segmented due to its length for easier reading, part III will be posted on the 24th of July. Until next time, BW, Nik.