The New Digital Book

Introduction – My sincere apologies for not posting any recent articles,  but it has been a bit of a ‘roller-coaster’ year nonetheless, I have completed the first draft of my book. Taiga Bonsai – Simplifying the art

As we know bonsai is not just the oldest living art form, it is also considered a science meaning that there are many horticulture aspects to consider. And from the many scores of questions I get asked, I have based the book contents on these, which are listed below.  Therefore, from those faithful readers of my articles, I would ask and appreciate any comments from an editing viewpoint of what you think is irrelevant and what needs further emphasis.

Your points of view can be sent directly to me at I thank you in advance for your assistance and wish you the compliments of the season and until next time BW, N.

Chapter 1 Bonsai a brief history – The classical era – Modern bonsai

Chapter 2 Tree classification (sizing) – Tree classification (styles) – Trunk orientation – Trunk root and placement –Trunk bark and surface – Dead and drift wood – Different perspectives – Breaking the rules

Chapter 3 Collecting material for bonsai – Arboretums – Reputable dealers – Nurseries and garden centres – Cuttings – Grafting – Air- layering

Chapter 4 Growing from seed  – Dormancy – Cold stratification – Warm stratification – Hot water treatment – Warm and cold stratification – Scarification

Chapter 5 Collecting from the wild

Chapter 6 Getting started – Tools and equipment

Chapter 7 Bonsai soil pH – Soil types – Soil test kits

Chapter 8 Pruning – Root pruning

Chapter 9 Wiring

Chapter 10 The tree and the pot – Pot shape and dimensions, colour & texture

Chapter 11 Lighting for bonsai – special needs

Chapter 12 Toxicity

Chapter 13 Pests and disease



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