Article 02 – ‘Introduction’

Bonsai is a ‘living’ art where we try to create what we see in nature albeit in miniature form. Achieving this aim can give much pleasure and satisfaction when undertaken correctly and is only as difficult as one makes it. But having said this, the most important requirement when dealing with ‘live’ material is ‘patience’.

Having written a considerable amount on bonsai some of which will be posted on this blog for example, procurement, wiring, pruning, soil composition and pots or containers. It seemed appropriate to start with the issue of lighting especially for those whom reside in locations that have long dark winter months.

My bonsai collection does include specimens from lower latitudes, which will not survive the cold temperatures and have to spend the winter inside. And because of the very short day light hours, growth and development is restricted. Two years previously an experiment was conducted using various lighting setups to compensate for the lack of natural light and to enhance growth, each having different results. But although the results were important, the main concern was what the cost ‘at-the-wall’ (the power consumption) would be as the lights were on for a minimum of 12 hours per day for 5 months.

Although the experiment is still on-going, the results are promising and can probably be the solution to your lighting problem if you have one. The article is 20 A4 pages long, probably rather too large to submit here. Nonetheless, the main points will be posted here in a few days. N.

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